Be a Good Neighbor

Those that are most susceptible to inclement weather are the elderly. Their heart rate is slower than a younger person and therefore they produce less core heat. This means their core body temperature is already slightly lower than a 40-year-old man’s might be. Now that I think about it that explains why my Grandma’s house was always like 85* in there. Be a good neighbor and check on them a day into the storm to make sure they have what they need. A slip or fall outside for them could be devastating. Plow their drive and shovel their walk when it is safe. Remember your grandparents, parents, brothers, and sisters may not be next door to you and how would you feel if there was a blizzard and you called them and they said the nice man or woman next door was just over to check on them. That’s pretty awesome. Plus, if you are not already in that situation of being elderly and less-spry in your step as you once were, I hope you get there and when you do I hope there is a nice neighbor that comes and checks on you. Put the good out there you want to receive. It just makes the whole community thing work.

Don’t be like my neighbor who once, when I was traveling for work during a winter storm, let my wife who was snowed in with an infant and two toddlers shovel our driveway by hand and then just as she finishes moving the heavy 14″ of snow, came outside, and started up his snowblower. I’m pretty sure he watched out the window till she was done so he didn’t feel obligated to help. It’s just not cool and it’s the opposite of where we need to be in the world today.

Stay smart. Stay warm. Reduce risk. Just be a good person. Those are the keys to living through winter weather.

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