Secure Your Home The Right Way With Training From Former Green Beret Master Sargent - Ken Roberts

Why Trust Me? Here's A Few Reasons

Ken Roberts - Green Beret Master Sergeant
  • I served this country for 24 Years, and retired in 2018 as a Green Beret Master Sergeant.
  • I’m a certified instructor for Close Quarters Combat, Tactical Medicine, Firearms, and much more.
  • In my career, I assumed many roles, such as becoming a Paratrooper, Special Forces Medical Sergeant, Sniper, Instructor, Jump Master, etc…


Hopefully that helps you believe in this step by step training I’ve created to protect your family, and ensure you’re never a victim.

If not, well.. there’s plenty more facts about my life down below.

Simply Put - Here's What I'm Offering You

Learn To Avoid The Critical Mistakes almost ALL homeowners make that could result in what everyone fears most.. harm to a loved one

How to identify weak points in your home security that criminals seek out relentlessly

How to make your home An Absolute Fortress without costly projects & unnecessary changes

Most Importantly – Your loved ones will be safe.

I’ll be giving you peace of mind, a criminal proof home, confidence, and the mentality to triumph in the event you ever need to defend your family

Be The Protector - Not The Victim


  • Make Your House A Fortress - Not A Prison - Criminals will always catch on to new technology & methods, allowing them to take advantage of weak points in your current home security - I can help you eliminate that threat once and for all.
  • Improve Security - In all of your surroundings. The only person who can protect you, is you. Taking shortcuts & making things easier for YOU, also makes it easier for CRIMINALS.
  • Gain Peace of Mind - It's like Allstate, but Green Beret approved. You won't just be in good hands, you'll have the knowledge & mindset to thwart ANY threat to you & your loved ones.
  • Improve Confidence - These skills will become second nature to you. I'm going to rewire your brain to apply your new knowledge to every scenario without even realizing it.
  • Your Family WILL Be Safe - Ever since I was a young kid, It was made clear that one day I'd become a "protector" in one way or another. What your protecting may vary, kids, wife, relatives, pets, etc... what doesn't change - is the execution of making sure you are the BEST that you can be at that role. Please, put your pride to the side and take advantage of what I can teach you.

Ready To Join Me And Protect Your Family?

Most Popular "Experts" Lack First Hand Experience

Everyday I see a new training course that so-called “experts” put out. I’ve watched 100s that clients told me they ‘learned’ from. If there is one thing that ALL these courses have in common – It’s that they leave holes in each of their trainings. Some bigger than others, but no detail is too small when you are faced with an eighth of a second to make a decision that will affect you and your families life FOREVER.

This is not me saying that I am an “expert”. I am experienced, very experienced. I have spent the better part of my life doing this. I have been in close combat gun fights and I have confirmed kills at more than 1700 meters. I have rode into battle in non-armored vehicles and I have been blown up 4 times. None of this is meant to impress you. Honestly, I feel strange just writing it now. 

I only bring it up because it is meant to emphasize that I have seen a thing or two. I understand the importance, the gravity, of life and death situations and I feel it is my job to ensure you are prepared for what life throws at you. Not ready, not knowledgeable on, but CONFIDENT to face because you are PREPARED for anything. Your family is my family and I don’t intend to rest until you have the same confidence I do.

Please do what’s right and let me teach you how to protect your family – no matter what the situation is.

Here's Some Quick Facts Verifying My Reputation

  • History & Career Insights:
  • Retired Green Beret Master Sergeant
  • Joined Army Straight Out Of High School In 1994 - Joined The 82nd Airborne
  • I Was A Paratrooper For 4 ½ Years Before Being Selected For Special Forces
  • Successfully graduated The 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant Course
  • I Was At The U.S. Army JFK Special Warfare Center And School On 9/11
  • I Studied French, Spanish, & Russian At The JFK Special Warfare Center
  • Multiple deployments in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa
  • Retired From The Army In 2018
  • Special Operations Forces (SOF) Career:
  • Spent The First 6 Years In Group As A Medic
  • Became A Sniper With Confirmed Kills At More Than 1,700 Meters.
  • I Was A Certified Instructor For Close Quarters Battle (CQB)
  • Fluent In Basic & Advanced Firearm Tactical Training, & Tactical Medicine​
  • Miscellaneous Facts
  • Rode Into Battle On Horseback & 4 Wheelers During Mountain Deployments
  • I'm A "Master" Jump Master - I've Jumped Out Of Planes, Static Line and H.A.L.O.
  • I Was Blown Up 4 Times, & Was In A Helicopter & A Plane Crash
  • Summited Mt. Denali Which Is The Highest Peak In The U.S - Over 20,000 Ft. Tall
  • I Made It To The "Death Zone" On Mount Everest Twice
  • I've Done Lots Of Scuba Diving, Including Shark Dives In Both Oceans

Take The Leap Of Faith - Risk Free



Knowing how to defend yourself and your family against an intruder is important, but are you prepared to deal with a Natural Disaster or a Fire in your Home? We cover the Top 4 Types of Emergency Situations that you and your family should be prepared for, and how to communicate before, during and after these events. 


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Why Would I Give This All Away?

It is bribe for sure. Normally I would charge my clients $500 to spend the day with me covering all of this content. When I do consulting for larger organizations it starts at $2,000. Each one of those clients has provided some of the very feedback you have seen here – satisfied, gratified and thankful, even at those costs. 

I am giving this to you because I am so confident that once you see the value in this Course, you may decide to join our membership, attend one of my in-person Training Courses or purchase one of our other Life-Saving Courses.

So instead of paying $2,000 or even $500 to get this same Training – it can be yours for only $12.95 TODAY PLUS all the FREE GIFTS!

Yes! I want to claim my copy of the Green Beret home defense checklist for just the cost of $12.95, Plus my Free Bonuses VALUED AT $220 including the Digital Family Emergency Communication Plan, FREE Annual Steel River Gear Tester Membership, and Early Access to NSRI Courses Weekly for only $12.95!

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